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Corporate English

Does your job require English proficiency? Camelot English School is ready to lend you a helping hand. Our teachers will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your English language skills and teach you how to use them correctly in your work.

Corporate English courses develop the main language skills: reading, listening (listening), speaking, expanding your vocabulary, improving fluency and pronunciation. In addition, we are ready to edit the training program, adjusting it exactly to your needs.

Camelot School of English offers various forms of corporate English classes:

  • Individual lessons are a great solution for getting quick results. The teacher will focus only on your goals and objectives, select methods and techniques that are right for you.

  • Group lessons are a great opportunity to learn English at a low cost. Our teachers create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, in which it is easy and pleasant to study.

  • Online Lessons – We can offer you group or individual lessons on online platforms so you can enjoy the comfort of studying from home.

  • Classes in the office - our teachers are ready to conduct classes where it is convenient for you - right at the workplace, so that you can save your time and not lose productivity at work.

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